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  • Character DevelopmentJokes Journal, Jokes Review (2024)

  • Increduously Insane, The Spring Lake Collection (2015)


  • State of Madness, Generation (2019 - 2020)

  • The Essence of an Eternity, The Spring Lake Collection (2015)

  • To Spare a Mockingbird, The Spring Lake Collection (2014)


  • The Review (2019 - 2020)

    • Bats Inhabited Currently Vacant Wimmer Floor

    • New Wēpa Printing System Explained by IT Faculty

    • Mold and Renovation Spur Library Book Removal 

    • Baristas and Bookshelves: A Tour Through the New Library

    • Bioinformatics Major Dropped Due to Low Interest, Professor Says

    • New Bike Trail

    • Saint Vincent "University?"

    • Life Without The Library

    • Title IX Criticisms Discussed

    • Remembering Professor Kuhar

    • The downloadable content dilemma

    • Library at long last

    • The participation problem

    • A farewell to Flash

    • Mexico tomato troubles affect campus

    • Commuters cite campus complications

    • Professors learn online classes

    • College recruitment guidelines loosened

    • New challenges and comforts: students discuss remote learning

    • President explains commencement rescheduling

    • The state of the student exodus

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