Meet Christian!

Author and Writer, Christian David Loeffler

Christian David Loeffler is an American writer of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry and a teacher.  Loeffler earned his undergraduate degree in both Biochemistry and English with a concentration in Creative Writing through Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  Loeffler is currently pursuing a Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.​

When he is not writing his own work, he enjoys teaching.  Loeffler is currently an English teaching assistant at the Winchester Thurston Upper School.  He also serves as a teacher during the academic year and summer for the Trio Upward Bound Program at Saint Francis University, where he has taught in everything from Science Fiction Literature & Dystopia to Video Game Design.  Loeffler's teaching and writing are heavily influenced by interests ranging from science, literature, and philosophy to video games and anime.


Loeffler was born on June 5th, 1998 and spent his early childhood in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania. At the age of six, Loeffler moved to Derry, Pennsylvania. Loeffler attended Derry Area High School, where he met a number of teachers who allowed him to develop as a writer and educator. In 2016, Loeffler began attending Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania and graduated in May of 2020. Loeffler moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in June of 2020 to pursue higher education and a career as a teacher and writer.

Derry Area Township in Derry, Pennsylvania

Career & Projects

Loeffler serving as a Teacher's Assistant at Winchester Thurston School in Pittsburgh, PA.

Loeffler has experience in both teaching and publication.  He served as a tutor and teaching assistant for a wide array of classes, with subjects ranging from chemistry to mathematics to English during and prior to his undergrate career.  

Other notable positions include his work as a senior staff writer for The Review, a newspaper publication at Saint Vincent College, and serving as an associate editor for The Fourth River literary magazine pulished through Chatham University.​

Currently, Loeffler serves as a teacher and tutor counselor for the Trio Upward Bound Program at Saint Francis University, where he helps high school students in a number of subjects.  He is also an English teaching assistant at Winchester Thurston Upper School in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Loeffler is launched a publishing company, Curious Curls Publishing, in 2021 and continues to create work routinely.