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Online Tutoring

I am an educator who likes to keep busy!  I offer online tutoring to students in grades 9-12 and undergraduate students!  These meetings would take place over Zoom.


I do ask that students seeking help be from institutions where I do not teach and have not taught in the past.  Do note that my availability is limited depending on other undertakings in my professional life.

Standard Rates

My standard tutoring rate is $40/hr.


I teach English, composition, and creative writing!  I prefer teaching courses in these subjects as I am most confident in them and teach them professionally; I am open to the idea of similar subjects, such as publishing, editing, other literature areas, etc.


High school students and undergraduate students are preferred.  There is no age limit, but these are the age groups I am in with which I am most familiar working.

Credentials & Experience

My undergraduate teaching experiences are still growing.  I taught English Compostion I and Developmental Writing II for St. Charles Community College virtually in 2022.  I will also be teaching at Cleveland State University in-person beginning in Fall 2023.

I have served as a teacher of high school students in the St. Francis University TRIO Upward Bound Program for the following courses: Science Fiction Literature & Dystopia, Creative Writing, and Fantasy World-Building.

I earned a Master's in Fine Arts in Creative Writing.  I also attended Saint Vincent College for my undergraduate studies!  Presently, I run a small literary press called Curious Curls Publishing, where I work with authors regularly and am always editing.

Lastly, I have had multiple jobs in teaching, assistant teaching, counseling, and tutoring.  To find out more, feel free to check LinkedIn or the About page.


Emails about tutoring can be sent to  Please provide any details that I may need to decide if I can aid in tutoring.  Some of these items may be:

  • Am I tutoring you or your child?

  • What is the age/grade of the individual to be tutored?

  • How often would you intend on having meetings?

  • In what subjects/classes would assistance be needed?

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