Tutoring in Pittsburgh Area

Tutoring sessions can occur both in-person and via Zoom.  In-person tutoring is currently limited to residents of Pittsburgh, PA.

Standard Rates

The standard tutoring rate is $50/hr for in-person and $40/hr for Zoom meetings. 


The rate may vary slighlty depending on travel convenience, time slots available, and other factors.


English tutoring is most preferred.  Other subjects are possible if provided with topic or materials prior to session.


High school students are preferred.  All age groups are welcome, however.  This can include everyone from grade school to adult.

Credentials & Experience

Pursuing Master's in Creative Writing at Chatham University.  Earned Bachelor's in Biochemistry and English [Creative Writing] from Saint Vincent College.

Teaching Assistant at Winchester Thurston Upper School.  Teacher and Tutor Counselor at TRIO Upward Bound Program at Saint Francis University.

Multiple jobs in teaching, assistant teaching, counseling, and tutoring.  To find out more, feel free to check LinkedIn or the About page.


Emails about tutoring can be sent to christiandavidloeffler@gmail.com.