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Which Came First: The Chicken or The Egg?

You wake every morning, walk into the kitchen, pull out an egg, and then ask yourself how it got there...right?

One may say the egg came first to produce the Chicken.  Another person might tell you the Chicken must have came first to hatch the egg.  What if I told you that the answer is quite simpler than we think and that it boils down to basic genetics?

For two creatures to be called species, with the same name, they must be able to breed with one another.  Keep this in mind as I explain why the egg came first.

There were two creatures at some point that produced an egg with a mutation that distinguished it from the parents.  The parents would have been classified as something different than what would have been considered a chicken.

This new egg is the new creature.  This egg will be the first with whatever traits may distinguish the next generation of interbreedable Chicken.  

The egg came first.

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