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Editing Services

I offer editing services to those who need an editor for creative works.  While I have a favoritism of fictional work, I am also open to nonfiction and professional writing.

Standard Rates

My editing rates are dependent on project.  Typically, it is a flat-rate for the entire project.  People are often surprised by how many rounds of reading and editing that go into a single project.  Even more surprising is the amount of hours that it takes for me to make sure that your work is at its strongest.  As such, I avoid hourly rates; I like to be direct and leave no surprises.

If that answer does not satisfy you, I typically aim for approximately $25-40/hr.

Timeline and Turnaround

The time it takes to complete a project is dependent on the project.  Given that I teach and work as an editor for Curious Curls Publishing, I am often busy.  While I may work a bit slower, I guarantee that I am vigilant and catch tiny details that many other editors may overlook.  I also have the added benefit of being able to provide more creative insight than other editors can, should you want the extra input.

Credentials & Experience

My experiences are still growing.  I am currently teaching at Cleveland State University, Ursuline College, and Notre Dame College.  I have also taught for St. Charles Community College virtually in 2022.  In my growing course list, I have taught or am teaching standard first year English courses, Developmental Writing, and World Mythology.  In these courses, I focus on editing skills constantly and evaluate the academic and professional writing of students.

I earned a Master's in Fine Arts in Creative Writing.  I also attended Saint Vincent College for my undergraduate studies!  Presently, I run a small literary press called Curious Curls Publishing, where I work with authors regularly and am always editing.

Lastly, I have had multiple jobs in teaching, assistant teaching, counseling, and tutoring.  To find out more, feel free to check LinkedIn or the About page.


Emails about tutoring can be sent to  Please provide any details that I may need to decide if I would be a good editor for your work.  Some of these items may be:

  • What type of work is it?  Novel?  Play?  Essay?

  • What is the work about?

  • What is the length?

  • How quickly do you need it by, or is the deadline flexible?

  • What types of edits are you looking for?  Fine edits, larger content edits, or both?

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